How To Choose The Right Pilates Clothes For Class, According To A.A Ambassador Lisa Nicolaisen

When it comes to choosing the right Pilates clothes for class, A.A Ambassador Lisa Nicolaisen is a pro.

 With almost a lifetime in the fitness space, the professional instructor and the founder of Body Pulse Pilates—a multifaceted online studio that also offers elevated wellness retreats—found her love of movement at the age of three and hasn't slowed down since.

So, to learn exactly what kind of gear is best for mat and Reformer classes, we chatted with Lisa in Sydney, Australia to talk Pilates activewear, her five favourite core moves and how her fitness journey first got started.

Keep reading for our conversation with A.A Ambassador Lisa Nicolaisen.

When it comes to Pilates, what are the key factors to look for in your activewear?
1. Bottoms need to be form-fitting and breathable

You need shorts or tights that you feel free to move in, so you don’t feel restricted while stretching and lengthening the body.

2. Tanks and crops also need to be form-fitting

[This is] to help with technique and alignment. I love a sleek look, Pilates is all about discipline and control, so I love my tops to be fitted but still breathable.

3. You need to feel good in what you wear

Feeling good in what I wear is super important to me. I love fashion, so I’m thankful AJE ATHLETICA has perfected that sleek fashionable look whilst still being comfortable and easy to move in.

As a Pilates instructor, what are your favourite looks from AJE ATHLETICA to work out in and why?

I love all of AJE ATHLETICA's looks, but if I am attending or teaching a Pilates class, I like to go for something fitted and breathable. I also like to wear neutrals to keep my look sleek. The ruched tank and the Classic Full Leggings 203 in black would be my go-to look for this.

Tell us about how your Pilates journey began.

My love and obsession for movement started young. From the age of three, dance was my life and I dreamt of becoming a professional dancer. I studied for an advanced diploma in performing arts and during this, I learnt just as much about the mind and body as I did about dance, and that’s where my passion for health and fitness began.

I started in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and this is what made me realise how much I enjoyed coaching, motivating and sharing my knowledge with like-minded people. As much as I loved being a group fitness trainer… I knew it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do within the industry.

Rewinding back to when I studied dance—and encountered many injuries—I also did a lot of Pilates as a form of rehab and fell in love with the type of exercise for so many obvious reasons, but more than anything, it complimented my dancing background.

So, I then went on to study mat and reformer Pilates and have never looked back since. I’m so grateful to have found my love for movement at a young age, and I truly believe my dancing years have shaped me into the person and Pilates instructor I am today.

Lisa wears the Cropped Layered Sport Tank 159 (styled here with the hem strap to the back) and Mid Length Logo Bike Short 250.

What are your favourite exercises to engage your core?

 My top five core exercises would be:

  1. Ab curl
  2. Bicycles
  3. Double leg stretch
  4. Side plank
  5. Forearm plank hip dips
Winding up and down, what are your top 3 go-to stretches?
  1. Cat cow stretch
  2. Pigeon stretch
  3. Child's pose