A.A Essentials Launches In An Action-Packed Morning of Movement

AJE ATHLETICA’s ultimate sports luxe capsule gets put to the test.

Made for movement, designed to last: AJE ATHLETICA’s A.A Essentials capsule has officially arrived.

A curation of sports luxe staples designed to elevate your sweat sessions and street style, the range of black-and-white activewear was launched through an intimate yet action-packed morning of movement attended by fitness influencers and friends of the brand, including Anna Kedzior, Sarah Stephens and Shannon Tang, among others.

Held at Hustle Boxing and instructed by A.A ambassador Nicolette Casarotto, guests decked out in A.A Essentials packed their best punches to an ambient soundscape of good-time tunes, putting the pieces’ premium performance properties — such as four-way stretch, bonded seams and internal mesh details — to the ultimate test. They noted how well the leggings sculpted and supported their workouts — fit for purpose, while others were impressed by the windbreakers styling versatility, zipping off the bottom post-class for a breathable, cropped look.

Following the heart-pumping session, guests stretched out and cooled down before enjoying a refreshing selection of Orchard St. juices.

Now available online and in AJE ATHLETICA stores, explore and shop A.A Essentials today.